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Three Birds (c) Marika Reinke 2019 30" x 60"

You are invited to my first gallery show in Seattle!

I’m  honored to be a selected artist of the Narthex Gallery’s A Community Inspired Group Show  from August 12 – Sept 26th. 

I will have two acrylic paintings exhibited at this non-profit gallery in Magnolia!

Please come!  

SAT, AUG 24 / OPENING AND ARTIST RECEPTION 6-8pm – wine and snacks will be served.

Sadly, I will be out of town during the reception, but  please stop by and support community artists at this fun and inspirational exhibit of fabulous artists.  I love how MAX and this gallery is committed to growing an supporting the a arts and artists community.

The gallery is open Mon-Thurs, 9:30am-3:30pm.

I would love to meet you there!   I will be there next Monday, August  12th for opening day and Thursday, September 14th.  Send me a message and we can meet up!

More about the gallery: 
NARTHEX GALLERY – 3555 W McGraw, Seattle  in  Magnolia.

A Non–Profit Art Gallery  – Magnolia Art Experience (MAX) is dedicated to engaging and building local communities through arts access.

MAX supports and sponsors events, exhibitions and educational experiences in the literary, visual and expressive arts. MAX fosters partnerships to provide meaningful art encounters.

The Narthex Art Gallery is a non-profit gallery for artists and art lovers.
Located on the main street just west of Magnolia Village in the entry hall and parlor of Magnolia United Church of Christ, the Narthex Gallery located in the foyer and parlor, hosts the work of local artists. The church is a community hub for many groups and the gallery receives a diverse audience.

Studio Party 2017

I’m Going to Disneyland (A Studio Party Recap)

Now that your studio party is over and you raised over $600 in support of CEPIA Costa Rica what are you going to do, Marika?

“I’m going to Disneyland!”

Yes, I did.

That photo is kind of how I felt everyday leading up to the party.  And I’ve sadly dated myself by referencing this old advertising campaign. Yes, age has crept up on me.

After the party, life sped up a bit; some residual sales, oncoming thanksgiving holiday, an early celebration, visits from out of town friends and a final three day Disneyland extravaganza with the family.

If I didn’t say it before, thank you. Thank you for your support, messages, sales, wine, chocolate and visits. It meant the world to me and I’m so proud of my first solo effort to raise funds for those in need in Costa Rica. Thank you! To those that made the donation possible to CEPIA Costa Rica thank you double.

There were so many gifts from the night!

A a minimum, I was able to get my working feet under me again. This year has been flooded with so much change and transition that I had created a habit of unfinished work. My studio hid many works about 95% complete, unready to show or sell. They quickly needed to be finished for this studio party and I got a lot of basic painting and administrative work done. I needed this work done to motivate me through the party and beyond.

A step beyond minimum was the chance to host you for some food, wine, art and friend-making. So much awesome fun!

But the party was so much more than the minimum.

For the curious, here are some highlights from the party.

Both workshops were full – thank you. Did I say thank you already? I was inspired by your inspiration and curiosity. As the holidays roll around, it is fun to see people make thoughtful gifts for loved ones in my Watercolor Necklace Workshop.

I had fun experimenting with techniques to access creative wisdom and intuition in my Explore Intuitive Painting with Watercolor workshop. I hope to explore this concept more in future workshops.

See my post: 4 Tips for Finding and Bringing Inspiration .

Personally, as a teacher, I learned a lot from you. Some nuances about teaching through the artistic process clicked and revealed themselves for me. For example,at this workshop one participant said “I’m afraid.” I’m so grateful for the full frontal honesty. Fear is exactly what blocks action and as much as I try to help facilitate a fearless approach, fear is always a solid companion. This insight alone will help guide my teaching materials but also the dialogue of living with fear that I bring to the workshops.

Usually, I don’t condone a fight but….

There was a small skirmish among family members for Shifting Worlds multi-media painting.

Shifting Worlds (c) Marika Reinke 2017
Shifting Worlds (c) Marika Reinke 2017

A little argument about love ensued when one buyer claimed My Heart is Gonna under the buying nose of another.

My Heart is Gonna (c) Marika Reinke Watercolor 8" x8" 2017
My Heart is Gonna (c) Marika Reinke Watercolor 8″ x8″ 2017

A dear friend bought In Need of a Guide a story close to my heart.

In Need of a Guide (c) Marika Reinke 2017
In Need of a Guide (c) Marika Reinke 2017


Life Begins at Sea was bought by another turtle loving, sun worshiping lady. This was a special pairing my daughter designed and named. You can see the story here.

Life Begins at Sea (c) Marika Reinke 2015
Life Begins at Sea (c) Marika Reinke 2015

Florgasm Three is on the road to Canada and then Costa Rica. The buyer snapped it up after seeing it online and it was a good thing too – this one attracted a lot of attention at the party.

Florgasm Three (c) Marika REinke 2017
Florgasm Three (c) Marika REinke 2017

The goodies table was wonderfully plundered.

  • All Community mugs are gone but can be ordered and shipped to you here
  • All the small pendant necklaces sold out!
  • All but one pair of newly released earrings sold out.
  • Half my copies of my new book; The Art Ritual were bought up. You can have a free digital copy of your own here or buy the printed version from my shop.
  • I have many cards left for sale and I’ll stock my online store.
  • I have one Mantas: A Love Story acrylic block leftover for just $29.99
Mantas: A Lovely Story Acrylic 3" x 3" block
Mantas: A Love Story Acrylic 3″ x 3″ block

And I’m re-organizing my online store and will soon have the paintings and pendant that remain from the party easily available for to buy online. Check out some of the new photographs and available paintings. I’ve been having fun playing with my creative soul and seeking out Fall colors.

For those that went out of your way to express your condolences for not being able to attend, there will always be another party.

Happy holidays and new year to come!  Thank you for helping this year end on a high note!


Renewal by Marika Reinke 2017 Acrylic Painting 72" x 48"

Need a Reason or Two to Celebrate? Here are Even More for My Studio Party on November 12th

On SundayNovember 12th I’m hosting a series of workshops and studio party. Why? To celebrate community, art, friends, food and wine and to give back to those in most need to our former community in Costa Rica. I’d love for you to join us at my house and studio.

This communication is an attempt to tempt you to come celebrate and outline what you can expect when you do.

Here is a quick agenda:

10:30 – 1:30:  Watercolor Necklace Workshop  ($39)
2 – 4: New! The Art Ritual: Explore Intuitive Painting with Watercolor ($29)
4 pm – 9 pm:  Welcome Back Studio Party (FREE)  


About the Party

Let’s start with the party and work backwards.  Here is a list of the top reasons to come to the Studio Party

Reason 1: Inspiration

This party is an attempt to share a story that I hope inspires you to follow your passion and change a world or two while you do it.  As I prepare for the event, it is clear that above anything, the night will represent a celebration of color, light, whimsy, thought, intuition, transformation and a journey.  If you are inspired when you leave, I’ve done my job.  If you laugh, make a friend or two, have a good time and like one painting a little, I’m happy too.

I will have my paintings and jewelry on display in two rooms and my studio will host the open wine bar. The journey will include older watercolors and newer acrylic paintings, as well as my larger scale work like “Community” and “Renewal“. The point is to tell the story of an evolution of passions, ideas, technique and inspiration.  And talk about the future.

Reason 2: Good Food and Wine

We will have red and white wine available and a good spread of good food.  I love good food which will include both vegetarian, meaty and gluten free options. I also love chocolate, so expect some chocolate too. I’ll throw in another non-chocolate dessert for those that prefer it because everyone deserves dessert.

Reason 3: Meet and Hang Out with Great People 

Seriously, this is a great community.  I love the people in my life; smart, inspiring, insightful, loving and interesting. You only make my life better.  This party is dedicated to all of you, and thankfully there a lot of you that I’m proud to know and hope will be there. I can’t wait to see you there.

Reason 4: Everything is a Special Gift 

All paintings, jewelry, greeting cards, limited edition prints, books, stickers and mugs are for sale but absolutely no purchase is required. Whether you are thinking of something special for yourself or for your loved one, you just may find a wonderful meaningful gift at this unique event. Many people have told me how much receiving the gift of original art means to them. This is a chance to find a gift that will bring that joy to your friends and loved ones.

Reason 5: Your Purchases Will Help Those in Need in Costa Rica and Give Again

Hurricane Nate and heavier than usual rains have caused death and displaced many people in Costa Rica.  It has been a hard rainy season for those most in need in our former community.  For this reason, I’m dedicating a portion of the proceeds to CEPIA Costa Rica for those most affected by flood damage.  The details of these proceeds will be explicit at the party.

Convinced you are coming? RSVP Here:

The Art Ritual: Explore Intuitive Painting with Watercolor

Inpiration's Night Play by Marika Reine 2017 12" x 16"
Inspiration’s Night Play by Marika Reinke 2017 12″ x 16″

This is a new workshop and the purpose is to introduce you to my process and approach to abstract paintings and drawings. Here are some reasons to sign up:

Reason 1: Tap into Your Intuition and Let Go 

We will begin with an intuitive focus; a meditation or a theme of some kind and let those thoughts guide the watercolor. Of course art principles are guides, but the tapping into creative wisdom we all have will lead our way. Our painting will begin with a centering exercise that includes shifting the mind frame from thinking to opening our physical, mental and spiritual channels to creating. This will be an active state and much less analytic (there is no analysis paralysis here). Instead, we will let intuition and an inner coach lead.

Reason 2: Learn Something About Yourself

For some, this is natural. For others, this will be an active mental exercise. For all, there will be struggle, the rich and instructive kind that reaps many benefits in painting and self-discovery.

Reason 3: Create a Painting about Self-Growth

The end result will be a painting, maybe beautiful, but much more likely deeply meaningful. A painting that has taught you something about yourself and maybe what you can take with you into other tasks in life.

Reason 4: Hang out with Great People

I know, I said that already.  But you are great even if you don’t believe it all the time.

Come join me. RSVP and more information here:

Watercolor Necklace Workshop 

I’m going to keep this list short. If you know me, I’ve been talking this workshop up quite a bit lately.  Here is a quick and dirty list of reasons to come and join me: 
  1. Connect you to your creative wisdom and intuition to create jewelry you love.
  2. Make a personalized gift for a loved one
  3. Discover something new about yourself in the process.
  4. Have fun
  5. Create some awesome memories with new and old friends.
  6. Mimosas
  7. Brunch – yes, brunch.

Reserve a spot here:


Make Your Own Watercolor Necklace - Paint and Sip

Here is a Great Deal on My NEW Watercolor Necklace “Paint and Sip” Workshop in June

Just a little curious? Curious people ARE Creative.

Are you curious about how I make my watercolor painting necklaces?  Do you want to learn how to access your creative wisdom to create your own?

I’m looking for a group of curious people to join me for a trial 3 hour Watercolor Necklace workshop.  This offer is Win-Win.

  • You will create your own unique watercolor necklace that you love while sipping some specially selected wines.
  • I will learn to refine my workshop and teaching skills.
  • AND we will have fun; listen to some music, and share some good laughs.

I’m offering this workshop on three different nights in Seattle and one in Costa Rica for a over 50% discount of just $19 each (usually $39). In return,  give me your honest feedback about the process and my teaching so I can refine my approach and materials.

Here are the dates and times. The Seattle location is currently scheduled in Queen Anne.

Sign up here:

Round up 5 people on your own, I will come to you and host a private party in June only. Contact me directly at [email protected] to make arrangements.

This offer is for everyone, so  invite your friends.  I have a 5 person minimum and 8 person maximum.

  • I want to connect you to your creative wisdom and intuition to create art and jewelry you love.
  • I want you to discover something new about yourself in the process.
  • I want you to have fun, sip some specially selected wine and create some awesome memories with new and old friends.


Five Improvements that Made My Second Art Fair Easier

I did it again. Art in the Park!  The second time was nothing of the feat that I accomplished the first time.  It was soooo much easier my husband and I wondered what the big deal was the first time around.

So what made it easier?

1. I improved my work flow.  I quit talking about it and I actually did this.  I now have a list of everything I must complete when I finish a painting, receive prints or create pendants.  This include logging inventory, creating certificates of authenticity and marketing notes.  It isn’t a long list but it isn’t painting and I generally don’t want to do it.  I really dislike doing it in bulk leading up to an art fair more.

2. I changed my work spaces.  My laptop lives in the dining room now.  My paints live in the studio. I finish the grunt work then enter the creative space guilt free and glowing with freedom. This has made me so much more effective.

3. I’m packed up.  I have labeled boxes of supplies.  A box of fabrics, a box for stands, a box for prints and signs, a box for scarves, a box for hanging supplies, a box for originals in frames.  I have a file system for certificates, storycards, display mapping and change.  I have an improved display for pendants that I can literally take off the wall and take anywhere.

4. I’m stocked up.  I have a ready stock of bags, boxes, storycards and marketing materials. Now all I have to do is order them when I run out.

5. I have a sturdy setup.  It is windy by the lake.  And it was windier the second time.  The first time, I had to take down my scarf display when the wind wrecked it.  This time, I watched a centerpiece painting face plant on the gravel when the wind hit it.  Ouch. Another wall of prints collapsed in a gust.  Jewelry displays flew across the path or crumbled.

My canopy shook (a lot) but nothing fell.  I didn’t have to change anything thanks to sturdy walls built by my husband and a 4 x 4 we used to anchor the display on the wall-less side. Plus, don’t forget the canopy weights and have duct tape around just in case.  I didn’t use it but I would always bring it.

What would I change next time?

I sold some originals between fairs which meant I had to rearrange the configuration of paintings on my walls. I also reconfigured tables and displays. Because we didn’t have time to practice beforehand, this slowed down setup.  We are going to add more hooks to the top of the panels so that reconfiguration isn’t problematic and bring lots of hanging wire.  Even without sales, I’ll have some new paintings to display and that will cause another reconfiguration.

Take A Peak

My daughter learned how to use iMovie at school.  This inspired me to make this little one minute movie of the adventure that is prepping and setting up for an art fair.  Please enjoy.  Take a look at those awesome walls by my husband and improved pendant display.


The best way to contact me directly is at [email protected]

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Art in the Park Today

All set up without any broken glass. Success!

Warm and beautiful day. No rain. Success!

I'll be here from 11-6 at South Lake Union in front of MOHAI with other friendly and talented artisans.

See you soon!


If Gems Speak

A big day tomorrow! 11-6 at South Lake Union! I’ve been busy today and still have a few things to knock off the list in preparation. There is so much to do my head is spinning.

By request, a preview of the stories these little gems will tell are below. They are $40 each and I do take custom orders for $55.

Inside Green 2 copyright Marika Reinke

Goodbyes and Good News

At my studio party on Saturday, a few people asked me last night if it was hard to let my paintings go. And I answered no. As I’ve let them go one by one I have prepared myself for each sale and it has felt good. I love my new profession.

 That night was a good night. Beyond expectations.

Six of my originals sold and all ten original watercolor pendants as well as many prints and scarves and cards.  At one point there was a line for sales and our house was hard to move in.  My husband commandeered me; no more socializing, I had to help him take credit cards.

After everyone left, I finally had a glass of wine.  The next day I tried to let it sink in. There is a strange disconnection that occurs for me as I watch my goals unfold.  It takes me awhile to quit doing and just absorb the reality, the lovely reality. I’m flying.

My husband, family and I chatted about what went well and what could go better. I had a goal for 2015 to sell 10 original paintings, I’ve already exceeded this.  I need a new goal. My son says maybe I should set a goal to make ten million dollars.  🙂

He knows I like to say anything is possible.

After the Studio Party
After the Studio Party

As I looked at this bare wall I ached a little bit at this mass departing. In a good way, it is bittersweet and joyful, but there is a little ache. Painting is an act of love and I love each one like a child or piece of me. They are moving on to loving homes.

The sale of the originals are the hardest parting.  They carry the handprints of my thoughts, reflection, and the love and ache of painting.  And the people who bought them will forever be stamped with the memories and emotions embedded in them. We are merged in some way, some friends and some strangers. That is what makes the parting so sweet and satisfying.

In memory and appreciation the following originals have moved on or will be shortly moving on.

2014: Three Friendships Lost copyright Marika Reinke
2014: Three Friendships Lost copyright Marika Reinke
Seashell Collectionn (c) Marika Reinke 2015
Seashell Collectionn (c) Marika Reinke 2015
Inside Green 2 copyright Marika Reinke
Inside Green 2 copyright Marika Reinke
A Light Embrace (c) Marika Reinke 2015
A Light Embrace (c) Marika Reinke 2015
Casting Prayers in Puerto Vallarta (c) Marika Reinke
Casting Prayers in Puerto Vallarta (c) Marika Reinke
2011: Dragon in the Tree copyright Marika Reinke
2011: Dragon in the Tree copyright Marika Reinke

And the watercolor pendants which lived such a short life in my hands! They are all gone! I love them and like children, I’m excited for the next phase of their lives.

There is lots of good news but the best news is I’ve got some serious painting to do!

And I’m incredibly grateful for the support of the community.  What a wonderful lift off.  Thank you!


[email protected]


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Studio Party Countdown

This is a lot of work, a lot of mistakes, learning and a little bit of duct tape and cardboard to pull it all together.

Not only is it a lot of work making it look like this.

But it is a lot of work getting myself organized like I’ve never been organized as an artist before.

Usually, I handle details like certificates of authenticity and storycards, personalization, custom prints with silver and gold embelishments and payment as they role in. Getting an art booth ready requires you be prepared for anything. I prefer to be over-prepared but I confess I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants.

If anything, this project has propelled me into a commitment level and preparation level I was too insecure to handle.  Now, I’m committed. The fear of not being prepared has committed me.  That makes me laugh.

I’m seriously changing my workflow so I don’t have to do so much all at once. Ever. Again.

I’m almost done.
My Goal by this Saturday at 6 pm: A good system in place so my husband can help me at the party while I drink wine.

And hang out with some friends I haven’t seen for awhile. These people are awesome. I don’t want to miss them.

Notice the feathers? Those are my daughter’s addition. As she has watched this art booth emerge, her excitement has mounted as has her “help”.

Every now and then I look up and breath a bit and think “holy cow, I created all of this.” And then I look at my To-Do List and I’m back at it.

There isn’t a way this would have happened without my husband, who is awesome help, wicked talented, and amazingly supportive. This party is going to have the best wine because of him. And he, unlike me, hasn’t broken a single frame. I’ve got him 2 to 0 on that score.

And now, I’m going back to that To-Do List. Hope to see you soon.

getting setup for a party

Plans and Confessions

March 28th, I’m having my first Studio Party at my house.  And I’m just going to confess this: I’m excited but terrified.  If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn’t do this. But, I know I have to. My husband insisted and he is even more of an introvert than I am.   I can’t say that I want to be an artist and not invite people to enjoy my work.  Well, duh.

In many ways, this will be a coming out.  This is the official event announcing my transformation from teaching faculty to professional artist. It really is something to celebrate!

But on my list of things I’m not so comfortable with: crowds and being the center of attention. Sigh.

I actually like a good party.  And I love to eat. And don’t get me started about wine. 🙂  And I love that art is about people and relationships.  I love the mutual gift that is art-making.

So head down, I persist.  We will have art, gift cards, scarves, some pendants, wine (for my nerves) and appetizers.

So far we expect maybe 40 people. I will see good friends, old colleagues and a good handful will be bringing friends and people I don’t know.

And another plus; I’m going to apply to some art fairs this year.  The jurors want a picture of an art booth.  So in the next few days, I’m transforming the dining room into an art booth for the Studio Party.  Why not?

My vision; navy walls, cream and/or gold tablecloths, classic wood furniture, accents of burgundy and fiery orange.  Flowers and chocolate.  Paintings dripping from the walls and furniture.  Classy, formal and someplace you want to stay and peek around for awhile.

I can hear my husband rolling his eyes.  Me and my visions mean a lot of work for him.

Wish me luck! I can’t wait to see some of you soon!