Marika Reinke
Marika Reinke

My Mission

My mission is to craft a Life of Art in order to make a real difference through the pursuit of passion. I believe a Life of Art will change the world for good.

Let’s be clear, a Life of Art is not just about “living in the moment.” It doesn’t mean “artful living” either. I mean seriously, what do those clichés mean anyway? A Life of Art is deliberately striving for a full and meaningful life through a creative process. Of course, creativity is key! Humans are creative beings, we can not help but be creative. I won’t accept otherwise.

Accepting and tending to our creative natures births joy, surprises, laughter, magic, self-love, compassion, generosity, deeper thinking and fuller relationships. It creates abundance.

See what I mean? It paves the way to change the world one person at a time.

Let me explain…

Abstract painting has taught me a lot. It has gifted me a collection of little wisdoms. I’ve stacked these colorful wisdoms, like a cairn marking my path. I love them. They ground my perspective and frame how I craft my art, life, business and relationships.

Here are some insights painting has taught me:

Believe in Magic

Not everything can be explained with our limited senses. Magic is the smallest act; a perfect brush stroke, eye-popping shade of red, the realization of dreams, and the way people interact. Magic produces synchronicity, beauty, and fun. Why not believe?

Cultivate an Inner-Coach

At its surface the creative process is a storm of emotion and activity, but just underneath is eternal calm. This coach comes from the calm. It is gentle, fosters growth, and encouraging. “You aren’t done yet.” It chants, “Keep learning and growing. It is perfectly OK. You are on the right path.”

Pay Attention & Inspiration Unfolds

Stay present and accept abundance. Open fearlessly to potential and beauty. In this mindset inspiration multiplies. It emerges from an epic abstract painting, an original song, a beautiful sunset, an awesome beach run or majestic mountain peaks. The world is fascinating. Look, trust, and inspiration comes.

Trust Yourself

Intuition is a guide best understood without brain but body. It is a silent inner voice whispering to stop NOW or release the floodgates to energy. Trust and listen carefully. Intuition is a quiet wise voice.

Creativity is a Learning Process

There is no such thing as a creative person. There are only people open to learning about the creative process; its mistakes, blunders, wonder and triumph. Commit to learn the tools and techniques of your desire. They will breed creativity.

Let the Vision Emerge

Be clear about your values and act in alignment with them. This clarity allows a vision to emerge. It takes time and patience, but it happens and sometimes the outcome is completely wonderfully surprising.

Will you join me?

I love a Life of Art.




  1. Thank you!!! I think that is the process. What we want most is also the most scarey. I’m reading War of Art right now, a good read and relevant to that idea.

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