My First Novel Feels Amazing

I woke up this morning and it felt like my birthday.  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything, it’s not. This kind of birthday has nothing to do with how many trips I’ve made around the sun.  It’s more like I’ve been prepping for a transformation, and I’ve finally done it. I’m new.

The last two years, my internal world has been a wonderful riot. I’ve been writing through a fantastic creative flow that guided me to draft three romance novels in a series.  Yesterday, I finally handed off my first completed manuscript. After writing, editing, proofing, rereading and more, my heart tells me it’s done.

My first published novel, Dear Mexico, I Love You will be available on Amazon on June 1st as an eBook, paperback, and hardcover.

Dear Mexico, I Love You by Marika Reinke
Dear Mexico, I Love You by Marika Reinke

Dear Mexico, I Love You is a spicey second chance romance with a fairytale twist.  If you like a sexy romance, travel, and a good chuckle, this book is for you. Believe me, the only way I could have read its drafts so many times was if it entertained me. It does. I truly love this book.

For more, you can read Dear Mexico, I Love You’s description on her Amazon page now. When you read the full novel, I hope she makes you feel any fraction of the fun it felt to write her. I’d love to hear what you think.

And surprise, I’m a romance novelist! Maybe it surprises you, but it certainly surprises me. Yes, I’ve had a long-term dream to write a novel most of my life, but romance? I didn’t see it coming.  At one time, I’m humbled to admit that I thought the genre was beneath me, but I grew up and got lighter. It turns out that, for me, exploring the romance genre is an unbelievably fun ride.

I promise I’ll send you a reminder on her birthday because that is a real cause to celebrate.

Until June 1st.