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Art Walk Party and Show at Village Medicine

I’m thrilled to announce that I have twenty paintings on display at Village Medicine until May. Even better, the clinic is hosting an Art Walk Party on March 11th from 6-8 pm.

I’d would love to see you there.

You can expect all the good things: art, refreshments and great people. It’s also a chance to participate in the Ballard Art Walk and support local business, artists and the community.

Village Medicine
5600 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107


Manifest Collection 2021: December 7th, 2021

I’m very excited to announce the release of The Manifest Collection 2021, a study into the law of attraction, deliberate creation and the art of allowing.  I’ve been working on this collection since July 2021.  Each painting explores an aspect of the spiritual pursuit of feeling good, embracing and allowing hope, and the art of deliberate thought to invite expansion, creativity and love.

It is with great joy and a full heart that I bring this collection to you. I hope it will bring you the joy I felt in creating it.  And yes, these lovely paintings await their forever homes and are for sale.

See more details here:  * Manifest Collection 2021 – Marika Reinke

PDF of The Manifest Collection Catalogue  


026: Rejuvinate

I’m on vacation, camping, getting dirty, rock climbing, hiking, playing and bathing in lakes and rivers.  It’s amazing.  Life feels like its somewhat normal.  You should do it too 😉


The Introvert - Marika Reinke

025: Where’s the Motivation?

There are days when I have thought that the last three or four weeks have been harder than the first weeks of this pandemic.  Even as we reopen, pandemics and protests and the growing realization that this summer won’t be what I thought it was, has really taken a toll and my and my family’s motivation.  Where is it?  How does motivation work?  What can I do to get the joy and motivation back in the house?  These are questions that are occupying me these days.  Take a listen for some thoughts and some solutions.  It’s a constant moving target, but we can do this.


024: Six Years Later: How My Manifesto Guided My Transformation

This is another episode I recorded before the world ended and began again with a pandemic and protests.  As I find myself reflecting now more and ever in this unprecedented time, I realize that looking back is a good step is to re-vision my manifesto into the future within this new and unfolding context.  In this episode, I retell the story of how I left academia which led me to a life of art, travel and family.  Take a listen.  What will your next steps be?

The Art Ritual: My Manifesto.  

023: My History of Being White and Racist, Antiracist and on Vacation

I think we should be listening to black leaders telling their history and their experience.  I think we should be curious about it and directing our attention to them, especially now.  Make them center right now.  They have a lot of important, meaningful, uncomfortable points to make about America.  They are points, that if we listen with a full and present heart, will teach us to grow.  They will teach us curiousity and compassion.  They will move us to a more just and equitable society and one that truly nourishes the human experience for all.

To say that you never really understood racism because you were raised to love all people regardless of color is a beautiful sentiment but it is not the point.  If you never understood racism, then that is the problem.  Racism thrives on this lack of curiosity. I say this with a full and loving heart but set the good intentions aside and be curious, open and listen.

In this episode, I share some of my history of being white.  I am very white. I have been ignorant. I’ve awakened. I’ve been active. I’ve been compassionate. I’ve been called a racist. I’ve been racist.  I’ve lifted barriers. I’ve witnessed trauma.  I’ve taken a break because the work is hard and I’m white so I get to do that. I don’t know everything about this complex puzzle, but I do have some stories to tell.

I share because maybe there is something in these stories that will help with your growth and discovery of what it means to be white in America. This is by no means a perfect account, I’m still learning and growing and pushing into this too.  But maybe it will help you listen to those black voices that need your compassionate and open heart available to them too.


Black Lives Matter 

The King Center 

Rachel Cargle Instagram & Patreon

Barak Obama


Book: How to be an Antiracist 


Minnesota Freedom Fund 

Black Visions 


022: Let’s Create an Economy of Hope

What would it be like if we truly put what we value first?  Would it change the way we think about money and each other? Instead of measuring what we have and hoard, can we measure what we value by how we invest in it?  In this episode, I explore the evolution of my thinking about sustainability, culture, change, love, creativity, economy and hope.  I think we can create a system that truly supports and nourishes the human experience and it begins with hope in the present moment and all of our relationships.


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

021: Why Collect Tattoos and Art?

Actually, it’s a bit of a mystery to me.  I haven’t thought of myself as a collector until recently.  Of course, I’m not just a maker and artist, I’ve always collected other people’s art for very meaningful reasons.  Art speaks an emotional language and  it marks major phases for me. The art I collect are tattoos of meaning in my life and time.  Realizing this, has prompted me to reflect; what is it about other people’s art that moves me?  How is that different than creating my own?  And why, now more than ever, am I committed to creating my own art collection and I’m soooo excited about it?

Take a listen.  Why do you collect art?


Jennifer Sanchez Art Gallery


Help me decide by May 25th, 2020

I’ve narrowed my last couple of months 0f watercolor paintings down to three categories and now I want to know: 

Which set of painting themes do you like the best?

1. The Structure of Spirit: We are spiritual beings having a human experience

2. My Heart to You: Exploring the human need for connection

3.  With Hope’s Companionship: The unsinkable when things crumble. 


VOTE below and let me know your favorite. 

And SURPRISE!  You can win a free watercolor necklace pendant.   When you vote for your favorite, your name will be put in a raffle to receive a free pendant necklace of your choice.  Respond by May25th to be entered to win. 

Share this with your friends because they could win too! 

Vote Here: 

Why am I asking?
With your advice, I’m going to commit myself to one of these themes for the next three and a half months and develop my very first collection to be released on September 14th, 2020.

It will be the first time I truly dedicate my practice to an overarching theme and I’m so excited to commit both watercolors and acrylics to its storytelling and exploration. It means even more that you will help me launch the journey. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

020: What if you let this change you?

The conversation about how this pandemic will change us will continue for awhile.  Personally, in a couple months, I’ve experienced profound shifts in my relationship with time, mindset, art, the artist as well as my self-worth.  At a baseline these shifts have taken me beyond what I thought was possible for me.  I’ve found growth and peace in places and moments that I haven’t expected.  And it all started when I decided to let this change me.  The moment I told myself it was okay to change, growth happened.  Have you ever had that experience?

I’m sure I’m not the only one.  These stories of change will likely pile up.  Let’s listen to them and see how we grow.  I’ll tell you mine here, then you tell me yours.  Take a listen.

I love it when you tell me what you think too.