Marika’s New Romance Novel Series is Coming.  Book #1 to be Released Winter 2024

Dear Mexico, I Love You

A sexy second chance romance with a fairytale twist. 

Dear Mexico, I Love You (c) Marika Reinke 2023

Two travelers.
A once-in-a-lifetime trip.
As many chances as it takes to get it right …

River secretly hates Mexico. Before he returns to London, he hopes his last backpacking stop on his year-long world tour will be an exciting and exotic highpoint, but it has only been a series of missed opportunities and disappointments.   

On her mission to reclaim discarded dreams after unpredictable loss, Sedona left her job and sold everything in Portland, Oregon to travel solo. Her first stop is Mexico.  Surrounded by its vibrant culture and inspiring beauty, she falls in love with the country and begins to find herself again.

Chance after chance, River and Sedona keep meeting and can’t deny their attraction. When they finally surrender to their chemistry, fate leads them into a sexy, adventurous, passionate, and unforgettable affair across Mexico and Guatemala that teaches them a new meaning of love and healing.

After only two weeks together, they know their worlds will never be the same, but their time together is limited. They believe they will never see each other again when River returns to London.

But fate has other plans.   

A Synergy Romance * Coming This Winter 2024

For the Love of LOVE

Marika Reinke


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I create original, colorful and imaginative paintings that tap into intuitive energy and offer them to you with a full heart.  I love the process of intuitive painting from the beginning to the end. 

On this site, you can shop acrylic paintings, watercolors, prints and watercolor jewelry. I offer creativity resources and painting classes both online and in person.  I host a podcast Creative and Curious and explore thoughts on art, creativity, being human and life.  Enjoy exploring this creative place that I love so much. 

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