Marika Reinke

Marika Reinke

Here, I’m telling the story of a dream coming true.  It is a hardworking, doubt-filled, frustrated, soulful, endlessly hopeful and aspiring dream of *making it* as an artist, writer, creative and make-it-happeneaur.  It is a stubborn dream, both stalker and friend.  As they say – “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Here is where I do that.

This site is a virtual window to my head, heart and hand.  It is a place where I tell stories, share my work, paintings and thoughts, ask questions and sometimes answer them over and over again.

I like to meet new people and bloggers here, I love to hear your thoughts and see your work.  If you leave a trail for me to find you, my curiosity will follow you. I’m interested in your ideas.

And finally, as a make-it-happeneaur, it is a place where I sell my work and make a living doing it. This is a truly joyous endeavor.  I’m learning a lot, including that the art economy is an act of mutual gift-giving and one that nourishes both spirits.  It is an honor to practice.

 I invite you to Explore

Please take a look around

  • My Blog and Gallery offer the fullest explanation of my work and thoughts to date.
  • About Marika section gives you some information about my background, my mission and history with painting and a means to contact me.
  • The Shop section explains how to purchase original art, limited edition prints, open edition options as well as how to commission pieces and other services I offer.


The best way to contact me directly is at marika@marikareinke.com

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