The Synergy Romance Series by Marika Reinke

For the Love of LOVE

Marika Reinke


Thank you for being here.

I create original, colorful and imaginative paintings that tap into intuitive energy and offer them to you with a full heart.  I love the process of intuitive painting from the beginning to the end.

On this site, you can shop acrylic paintings, watercolors, prints and watercolor jewelry. I offer creativity resources and painting classes both online and in person.  I host a podcast Creative and Curious and explore thoughts on art, creativity, being human and life.  Enjoy exploring this creative place that I love so much.

The true magic is when a painting connects to your heart and finds a place in your home.

I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you. Thank you for visiting.

Email me at [email protected] 

with love,



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