2019 *New Work*

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Watercolors 2017-18

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Acrylic 2017-2018

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2016/15 – Made in Costa Rica

From 2015 -2016, I lived in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica and traveled through Central and South America whenever I could. We lived in a very small rural community removed from the city, near the beach and in the dry tropical jungle. We were very far away from art supplies stores and any kind of substantial shopping mall. I have returned from the hiatus a transformed artist.  Much of the following work remains in Costa Rica with their new owners unless stated otherwise.

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Set Design – Beachnuts Theater Wonderland

While in Costa Rica, I designed and painted the set for the Beachnuts Theater program Wonderland. The local IB school, La Paz Community School, purchased the entire set and it is now installed in the new pre-K – 2nd grade campus.  

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