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020: What if you let this change you?

The conversation about how this pandemic will change us will continue for awhile.  Personally, in a couple months, I’ve experienced profound shifts in my relationship with time, mindset, art, the artist as well as my self-worth.  At a baseline these shifts have taken me beyond what I thought was possible for me.  I’ve found growth and peace in places and moments that I haven’t expected.  And it all started when I decided to let this change me.  The moment I told myself it was okay to change, growth happened.  Have you ever had that experience?

I’m sure I’m not the only one.  These stories of change will likely pile up.  Let’s listen to them and see how we grow.  I’ll tell you mine here, then you tell me yours.  Take a listen.

I love it when you tell me what you think too.

019: What do relationships have to do with Creativity?

Relationships are complicated.  Aren’t they?  I find one of the greatest challenges is maintaining and nourishing the relationships I hold dear while doing all the other things.  Not to mention my desire to have even better relationships.  This podcast is all about some of the things I’ve been thinking about in this complicated process of love and friendship and how it relates to creativity.  Its a delicate balance and this is food for thought.  Take a listen.


002: Paint with Your Heart Meditation

Do you want to paint authentically and from your heart?

This meditation is designed to help you do just that. It will stoke the fire of love that lives right there in you. This place is amazing, energy filled, inspiring and totally creative. Feed your heart with the light of your love.  From here, this place of love, light and life, let your heart pick up the paintbrush and create. Just find a place to relax, get comfortable, listen to the meditation and then paint joyfully and with new love-filled energy.  Listen.

018: Lessons Learned from Creating a Painting (Almost) a Day

At night, I settle in and begin an intuitive watercolor painting.  It’s not a challenge to paint every day or a hard and firm commitment. I don’t want my creativity to feel like work.  I’m just painting as we my family winds down for the night.  Some days I feel like doing it and other times I stifle a groan as I pick up the paints. But then I paint and everything inside me settles.  Here are some lesson learned from doing it.  Maybe you could try it too?


Ross Gay: The Book of Delights 

001: Paint with Your Body Meditation

Stuck?  Don’t know what to paint? Or maybe you are feeling too much pressure to make it all look beautiful and perfect. This meditation is an excellent prompt to inspire you to paint when your mind is fighting you.  Take a walk outside of your thinking, get in touch with your body and let that guide your creativity.


017: I don’t ever like what I create

“I don’t like what I create” is not an uncommon statement for artists to make.  There are many factors at play for why.  Do you like the process?  Or are you concerned about what others think?  In any case, sitting with this thought and asking yourself why you don’t like what you create can help you get to the roots of what kind of artist you really want to be.  More than anything, that is the point.  If you don’t like it, that is you telling yourself something isn’t right.  It’s you challenging you to move into the vision of the artist you want to be.  And that is totally exciting.

Take a listen.


Ira Glass: The Gap

016: Introduction to Body and Soul Painting

Do you need a break? Are you holding your breath until the time you can just breath and create?

Listen to this podcast and prepare to paint from your heart. This experience will help center and rejuvenate your playful and creative self.

This podcast is a audio of walkthrough of Body and Soul Painting, a class I’ve lead and taught for over 3 years. In this class, I guide you through light and gentle movement, introduce you to a guided meditation to calm the mind and prepare your intuition for creative expression and then you paint – boldly and freely.

On April 24th, 2020, I will release a FREE full length online video workshop of the class which will include:

  • A video introduction to light, free, easy and safe movement
  • An expanded meditation
  • Full video painting techniques and tips
  • In-depth Painting Supplies list for both budget beginners and those ready to level up and splurge
  • Bonus In Love with Color & Paint video which will walk you through the differences in paint and tour my favorite colors
  • A Spotify Body and Soul Painting playlist.

This is FREE for my email members, you can sign up to gain access here.

Meditation begins at 13:25.

015: Confessions of an Artist’s Struggle with Embracing Ugly

What’s more interesting?  Ugly or Pretty?  Why?

Sometimes, I think as I’m painting that I’ve got to brush up on ugly before I can get to a truly interesting painting.  You know, the kind that pulls you to it.  That’s what I’m learning to embrace, that beautiful for all it’s wonderful benefits is not the only way to express yourself.  It’s the opposition between the two that can be the most interesting.  But believe me, I struggle with this.  Inviting unrest and even the ugly into the process makes me uncomfortable even if I know it will bring many benefits.  This is my struggle.  Take a listen.



Ugly Painting? 

Painting Over Pretty

014: Three Books That are Worth Reading or Re-Reading Now

Are you looking for a book  that can help provide comfort and tools for dealing with this Covid-19 time? I am.

I recently decided to re-read some of the pivotal books that have helped me stay calm, centered and manage myself through tough times.  These teachings and books are  a foundation for me.  They help me be creative, curious and basically a better person to everyone around me.  I have read a lot of these kinds of books and because these books are so rich, I have a lot to say about them.  Here are my first three books that are worth reading or re-reading now; The Untethered SoulA New Earth and The Essential Rumi. These books are reflective, life changing and life-affirming and always worth keeping nearby, especially now.  In this episode, I include some additional resources  that can help you deepen your learning too. Take a listen.

Resources in this Episode:

The Untetherd Soul: Michael Singer 

Michael Singer on Sounds True

A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle 

Oprah and Eckhart Tolle Book Club on a New Earth

The Essential Rumi: Coleman Barks

Rumi Oracle: An Invitation Into the Divine: Alana Fairchild

013: Why don’t I feel like painting?

This question popped up on my Facebook feed:  “A few months ago, I started painting. I’ve noticed that since this coronavirus mess started, I haven’t felt like painting. It doesn’t seem like I have the heart or mood to do it. I’m wondering why that might be. I’m finding myself drawn to crafts like sewing. Any ideas or insights as to what might be going on?”

I love this question, it raises so many issues. What is the meaning of art? How is crafting different?  It punches at why art matters and what makes it essential these days. I  have lots to say in response. It revolves around big themes; fear, selfishness, guilt, utility, meaning, storytelling, companionship, healing. In this episode, I share them and seek to make a case for why creating and painting now is important for you and into your future.  Come take a listen and let me know what you think.