023: My History of Being White and Racist, Antiracist and on Vacation

I think we should be listening to black leaders telling their history and their experience.  I think we should be curious about it and directing our attention to them, especially now.  Make them center right now.  They have a lot of important, meaningful, uncomfortable points to make about America.  They are points, that if we listen with a full and present heart, will teach us to grow.  They will teach us curiousity and compassion.  They will move us to a more just and equitable society and one that truly nourishes the human experience for all.

To say that you never really understood racism because you were raised to love all people regardless of color is a beautiful sentiment but it is not the point.  If you never understood racism, then that is the problem.  Racism thrives on this lack of curiosity. I say this with a full and loving heart but set the good intentions aside and be curious, open and listen.

In this episode, I share some of my history of being white.  I am very white. I have been ignorant. I’ve awakened. I’ve been active. I’ve been compassionate. I’ve been called a racist. I’ve been racist.  I’ve lifted barriers. I’ve witnessed trauma.  I’ve taken a break because the work is hard and I’m white so I get to do that. I don’t know everything about this complex puzzle, but I do have some stories to tell.

I share because maybe there is something in these stories that will help with your growth and discovery of what it means to be white in America. This is by no means a perfect account, I’m still learning and growing and pushing into this too.  But maybe it will help you listen to those black voices that need your compassionate and open heart available to them too.


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