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Five Improvements that Made My Second Art Fair Easier

I did it again. Art in the Park!  The second time was nothing of the feat that I accomplished the first time.  It was soooo much easier my husband and I wondered what the big deal was the first time around.

So what made it easier?

1. I improved my work flow.  I quit talking about it and I actually did this.  I now have a list of everything I must complete when I finish a painting, receive prints or create pendants.  This include logging inventory, creating certificates of authenticity and marketing notes.  It isn’t a long list but it isn’t painting and I generally don’t want to do it.  I really dislike doing it in bulk leading up to an art fair more.

2. I changed my work spaces.  My laptop lives in the dining room now.  My paints live in the studio. I finish the grunt work then enter the creative space guilt free and glowing with freedom. This has made me so much more effective.

3. I’m packed up.  I have labeled boxes of supplies.  A box of fabrics, a box for stands, a box for prints and signs, a box for scarves, a box for hanging supplies, a box for originals in frames.  I have a file system for certificates, storycards, display mapping and change.  I have an improved display for pendants that I can literally take off the wall and take anywhere.

4. I’m stocked up.  I have a ready stock of bags, boxes, storycards and marketing materials. Now all I have to do is order them when I run out.

5. I have a sturdy setup.  It is windy by the lake.  And it was windier the second time.  The first time, I had to take down my scarf display when the wind wrecked it.  This time, I watched a centerpiece painting face plant on the gravel when the wind hit it.  Ouch. Another wall of prints collapsed in a gust.  Jewelry displays flew across the path or crumbled.

My canopy shook (a lot) but nothing fell.  I didn’t have to change anything thanks to sturdy walls built by my husband and a 4 x 4 we used to anchor the display on the wall-less side. Plus, don’t forget the canopy weights and have duct tape around just in case.  I didn’t use it but I would always bring it.

What would I change next time?

I sold some originals between fairs which meant I had to rearrange the configuration of paintings on my walls. I also reconfigured tables and displays. Because we didn’t have time to practice beforehand, this slowed down setup.  We are going to add more hooks to the top of the panels so that reconfiguration isn’t problematic and bring lots of hanging wire.  Even without sales, I’ll have some new paintings to display and that will cause another reconfiguration.

Take A Peak

My daughter learned how to use iMovie at school.  This inspired me to make this little one minute movie of the adventure that is prepping and setting up for an art fair.  Please enjoy.  Take a look at those awesome walls by my husband and improved pendant display.


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