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Release of Reflections: January 2015 Newsletter

I’m molting.

I’m shedding my academic skin.  That grainy, rough, sand paper gruffness that made me twitchy and ill, is peeling off.

The faculty identity; the”academic way”, the theory, the anti-theory, the critiques, the teaching vs research, the political injustice, the impress my peers, the sexism, the organizational chaos, the anointed tenure, the intellectual snobbery and the angst.  The Past.

Ten years is a long time to grow a thick skin.  A skin with clinging callouses,  stinging scars and itchy rashes. I’m tearing that skin away.

I’m remembering what is underneath.

newsletter snipMy favorite part of my January 2015 Reflections Newsletter – Marika Reinke is the Map of Healing (pages 1-3).  Due to my constant state of change, expect other newsletters to adjust accordingly.  I’m only about 95% away from finding that person underneath.

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