8. purpose in now

 Goals enjoy a tense rivalry with the power of now’s philosophy. A true grounding in now is sweet solace and a beautiful unfolding of yourself blanketed in time. It activates the senses and settles you in peace. Yes, life is good.  Just living here on this earth is a sweet gift. In contrast, goals are a restless admission that something isn’t what you want right now. They yield a sense of daily purpose and progress in one direction but they limit you with the sensation that now is wanting and not enough. The disquiet is agitating. Often, goals are slippery, ungraspable and unlimited.  One goal is reached, and the immediate next question is what’s next. What happened to the gifts snuggled in now?   

It’s a struggle to find the sweet spot in the process.  There is ease, humor and love in the movement toward the goal.  It is nestled in the time you dedicate to it. Sure, you aren’t there…. Yet.  But find the purpose in the work.  It’s a slog. But the slog should be worthwhile. The process is the point. The doubt, the learning, the backfires, the mistakes, the persistence, the vision making and the slow building of a new belief in yourself. That is the ultimate point.

C) Marika Reinke – Adventures in Art with Heart, Humor and Spirit.

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