7. My favorite things

My kids. Their giggles, curiosity, learning, sense of humor and will. Their potential as they learn themselves.  

My husband’s kindness, compassion and consistent support.

A vacation to a new some place; walks in new urban streets, hikes up new forested peaks, or lounging on a turquoise shore. A time to reconnect with family and explore the new. The foreign clicks, clacks, swashes and sways of new languages and unfamiliar fragrances crackling from street vendors pots.

A friend’s warm hug and thoughtful advice. Her phone call when I least expect them. The giggles we share when we hear each other’s voice.   

Loud unrestrained laughter that bubbles and spills in cascading giggles.   

Reading a new book by thoughtful writer who builds ideas with dazzling architecture of words.

A curious wandering through an art store whose shelves are packed to the ceilings.

The fluttering expectation and anticipation of new pigments, my favorite art brushes, a blank canvas with sweet time to paint.

Climbing a route in a state of pure flow when my mind, movement and strength synch into sweet unfettered action.  

Getting stronger, learning more and building muscles in my body and my mind. 

My morning ritual; a quiet time to meditate and journal


C) Marika Reinke – Adventures in Art with Heart, Humor and Spirit.

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