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Metamorphosis copyright Marika Reinke

The Art of Moving

Countdown to Costa Rica

Purging and simplifying a family and home of over a dozen years is a daunting task.  Sifting through the massive pile of stuff hidden in the secret pockets of this old house has been both an adventure into timeless memories and a horror story.  Old letters and photographs aside, we have just plain accumulated a lot of used and useless stuff.  Until last week, this pile of forgotten things was one of the remaining obstacles separating us from the impending adventure to Costa Rica.

And then we sold or gave half of our stuff away at a massive family Moving Sale of epic proportions. I felt a shudder of relief as it left our house never to return.

Ironically, our house does not feel empty.  Sure, the unused are gone; open most cabinets and closets and they are almost bare.  But daily items still litter our dining room, coffee table and studio in a comfortable clutter.

Now that the stuffed psychic burden has lifted, I can turn to the box of framed original paintings that have flummoxed me.  I will take some, I will store some.  But the truth is, I’d much rather leave them in your loving hands and sell them to you.

The Art of  Moving Sale 

metamorphosis scarf daires dragondragon scarf


Garden on Fire (c) Marika Reinke Fall 2014

  • Garden on Fire (c) Marika Reinke

Here’s the Deal:

I’m discounting original paintings and scarves at great deals! I’ll pay for shipping for the originals (without frame). If you live in the Seattle area, I’ll deliver to you with the frame.    Payment plans and bulk discounts are available.

All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity and a story card

Contact me at [email protected] to purchase a painting or scarf or schedule a studio visit to check out everything available including prints and pendants.

Deal ends August 21st, 2015.