3. the path with heart

The path with heart is what you give freely to the world.

It is believing the moment, no matter how difficult, crusty, unclear, or fettered, is exactly what it needs to be and will carry you to the right destination.

It means believing in your creative power because it is a wondrous power, not because it gains an external end.

The path with heart is doing the right thing over picking sides.

It is doing your best and knowing that in the past you have done your best. There is no need to look behind you anymore.

It is a commitment to learning and being kind to yourself.

The path with heart is working, creating, acting and interacting from love.

The paths asks you to commit to listening, deeply, purely and meaningfully.

The path with heart is teaching kids how to love.

It is laughter, freedom, sadness, surprise, wonder, awe, joy.

It is pure living and the path that gives you passion, energy and purpose.

Walk the path with heart despite what others may say, do or make you feel. They will unknowingly try to take it away because they don’t understand.

The path with heart is definable by your own heart. Find it. Listen to it. Act.

It will change your world.

(C) Marika Reinke – Adventures in Art with Heart, Humor and Spirit.

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