Mantas: A Love Story (c) Marika Reinke 2015
SOLD: Mantas: A Love Story (c) Marika Reinke 2015

Would you like to join my *NEW* Art Classes?

What do Art and Spirituality have in common? 

I’m not really qualified to answer this question. Though I was baptized Catholic, I didn’t make it to church much as a child and I’ve carried that  habit with me into adulthood.

However, I imagine the church-going experience to be a practice of community building and reconnected exploration of our personal and communal human experience. One that seeks to create meaning and provide guidance for the sometimes murky though exciting path ahead.

In my mind, so can art-making and many other creative acts.

The closest I got to the experience of church-for-me was an art class I took in Costa Rica that introduced me to acrylic painting and the concept of intuitive art. Sunday nights were filled with personal reflection, connection and lots of paint. I picked up the fragments and vignettes from the week, turned them over in my mind, and made art.  I created, made meaning, reflected and left rejuvenated for the week ahead. The combination of learning, self-discovery and creativity was personal bliss.

I’m thinking about this because I’ve been teaching a lot more lately and I’m beginning to get requests for more classes.

It begs me to ask you all: Would you like to join my *NEW* Art Classes?

I’m looking for a small group of people who are:

  • Interested in taking their painting and art-making to the next level
  • Want to learn more about watercolor and/or acrylic paint
  • Can commit to a monthly 2-3 hour class (at least) to reconnect and reconvene. Weekends or late evenings work best for most.
  • Want to connect to a group of like-minded art-and-meaning makers.

I provide instruction, basic tools and materials, and studio space. Each session: $35 plus a materials fee depending on our projects and interests.

Please respond to this email or [email protected] if you are interested, let me know general days of weeks and times that work for you. I’ll shape our Art Classes as well as identify a schedule that works for us.