How to Make Magic: A Primer in 6 Steps (Part 3 of 3)

Don’t worry, I did not forget about Magic.  Never. I’ve said it before, magic takes time, patience, investment and belief.  I’ve been working on all these things myself. I hope you have to.

If you did forget, here are posts 1 and 2.  They are critical prerequisites to reading Part 3.

Now that you have been working on a strategy and guiding your belief.  You are ready for the last and most challenging steps for creating magic.  Steps 4 – 6.

Step 4. Act and Learn  

This is the critical hard and easy part. NOW you must do what you say!

No one is going to give this idea to you.  You will have to give this idea to the world.  Do this as if your life depended on it.  Because it does.

All ingredients to our potion are critical.  Add Share and Act.  You must.


I know this is scary.  People will laugh.  You will be rejected.  You will not believe.  Definitely, not everyone is going to agree. Your family will not think it is possible.  Some people will make you really, really angry.

That is okay.  You can survive these things.  None of them are lethal.

Your greatest teachers are Rejection and Fear.  They will lead you to your goals.   They will teach you to appreciate your successes and fine tune your idea.

Here is a secret…

Having an Idea is like being a parent or gardener.  An idea is born, you raise, nourish, teach and mentor this little being, from infant to adult.

seed-idea sprout-ideablooming-idea

Then you must let it go. 

You can no longer protect it.  It must go into the Sea of Big Ideas.


The Sea of Big Ideas is what defines the world.  It is a swirling with ideas and people, just like you!  And some of those ideas are really big, really old, really scary.  Some of those people are too.  But there are also really friendly, creative, delightful ideas here and there are really wonderful, amazing people here too.

This Big Sea of Ideas creates forces.  Forces are made because an idea has power.


When you put your idea into the Sea, these forces will push and pull on your idea.


You must be flexible!  Stay true to your idea and watch these forces. Determine if they are useful or corrupt.  Be thoughtful and patient as you test your idea.  Observe. These forces are complex and surprising. They can help you as much as they can hurt you.  Learn from them.

You are an apprentice so be prepared.  The first time in the Sea of Big Ideas unexpected things will happen, some good and some not-so-good.  These forces are unpredictable and much bigger than you.

But always, remember your vision. Pay attention to this and learn.  What needs to change?  What can you improve?

Step 5: Create community

You will begin to notice these forces pushing and pulling, accepting and rejecting your idea, providing feedback and influencing you are just collections of people who believe in ideas. 

Remember: It is people who give ideas power.


That is all.  That big scarey idea called capitalism – its’ success is determined by the multiptude of people that believe in it. Powerful ideas are empowered by a collection of people.  

Your idea needs people.  It needs community.

You must recruit people that believe in your idea.  The more people you recruit, the more your idea will grow and the closer you will come to magic.

Remember: there are many forces, ideas and people. Some of them don’t want new ideas.  Some people have ideas that make it impossible for your idea to happen. Some people will be grateful for your idea.  Other people will need to hear your idea a few times and a few different ways.  Other people will hate it… always. They will always hate it.

It is nothing personal.

Identify the people and forces that make your idea stronger and the ones that make it weaker. Focus your energy on those that will grow you and your idea. Enlist them, love them, nourish them.

Community and learning will feed your idea.


Step 6. Persevere  & Persist 

You have a timeline in your plan. Remember those forces pressing on your idea?  They have different plans than you and there is nothing you can do about it. Your plan may speed up or slow down because of them.  But that does not mean that your idea is not possible.

You need steps 1-5 to create momentum, your need this final step to tend to your momentum.  Momentum is invisible.  Believe that momentum happens as strongly as you believe in your idea.  As long as you persevere and carry out your plan, you are creating momentum.

Momentum leads to magic.

Keep your Idea in the Sea.  Keep talking about it. Keep asking people to nourish it.  Keep asking for help. Keep rewriting it, repackaging it, redesigning and re-communicating it.  Keep learning.

Keep your potion brewing.  It is working.


Time is your ally.  Your idea will collect people.  It may become larger than you. It may completely change, just like you.


Keep going back through the steps 1 -6, this is a circular and iterative process.  There is no such thing as a straight line in a magical world.

Remember, this is magic.  This is going to test your belief. And if you don’t believe me, go back to Step 1.  You Must Believe.


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    So loved this. I am going to go through all three and learn from your practical approach to magic. So accessible and fun to read. Love the illustrations as well!

  2. You´re such an inspiration, Marika!!! Thank you for sharing all this and motivating people!!! Wonderful words and illustrations, I really enjoyed reading this and will probably be reading it again a couple of times! ?

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