Homeschool Art Salon: Art as Expression of Self, Society and Science.

Age group: Grade 5 – 12 or instructor permission

Time: 10 am to noon every other Friday starting September 16th to December 9th, 2016 at the Sage Brush Art Studio

Cost: $175 plus a one time $40 materials fee. Or $40 Materials fee plus $60 a month. Drop in – $30 a month plus materials. 5 student minimum enrollment.

Students will need an art journal with blank pages and pencil or pen set which will be used both in class and at home for art reflection.

Course Description
Join a curious group of artists and communicators as we explore our questions about art techniques and their connection to self, society and science . Sessions will be hands on, interactive and explore various themes based on preferences. A guiding principle of the Salon is to provide young artists and thinkers a safe and creative place to explore ideas with each other and create community. Themes and topics will be designed by student input. After a discussion and introduction of themes and/or techniques, students will have studio time to work on projects and share work.

Yoga and Intuitive Art Class

September 23rd, 2016 8:30 – Noon

You don’t have to be an “artist” or “creative” type to join this painting class. All you need is curiosity and a sense of adventure! This class will explore painting as an expression of your intuition and inner voice. In this process, you will explore painting through colors, fluid and imaginative techniques, a variety of tools and most importantly forgiveness and courage of the process and yourself. I love this type of painting for its freedom and the little and profound life lessons it teaches me. I’m looking forward to leading the class and learning from all of you too! 


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