Welcome ! This class will fuel your painting super powers through gentle movement, a guided meditation and intuitive painting techniques that explore the concept of contrast in your body and painting. 

Before you Begin

Collect Your Supplies.  Here is an in-depth Body and Soul Painting Supplies List for beginner painters on a budget and for those who want to level up their acrylic painting and don’t mind splurging.  All of them are available at most online art supply stores.

Start Body and Soul Painting! 

Start this Video Workshop when you are in a comfortable spot, ready to move and paint! Are you Excited?

Explore Contrast with Body and Soul Painting.

By participating in the activities of this video, you acknowledge that you are doing so voluntarily and take full responsibility for any risk.   

Bonus Materials! 

Spotify Playlist:  Body and Soul Painting Playlist for some groovy music to paint to.

BONUS AUDIO: Paint from Your Body Meditation Audio listen to the meditation anytime you want to get in the mood to paint.

BONUS VIDEO: I Love Color and Paint.  This is an overview of the differences in expensive ad budget paints and pigments and why I made my recommendations in the supplies list.

BONUS VIDEO: Time Lapse of Body and Soul Painting  You saw the beginning of this painting in the workshop, now watch as it transforms to an almost final painting.


Emily wrote:  

AMAZING! Would gladly go back and do again and again. I loved the combination of light yoga + art. Marika made me feel so welcomed and I had a really fun & relaxing time getting creative. I loved watching Marika paint and learning from her – gave me courage and inspiration. Thank you Marika!

Patricia wrote:

Marika is a gracious host that provided a place and world of inspiration to an aspiring artist and makes one want to continue growing their art. Her artistry is so amazing as well – if you want to find your inner artist, I have no doubt you can with Marika by your side!

Here’s what people have said about my in person Body and Soul Painting class;

Shelisa Wrote:

I had an awesome time! I feel like the yoga and meditation ‍♀️ helped me into tapping into my inner artist! This experience has inspired me to want to start again with my own paintings that I use to do! Thanks Marika!

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