I currently offer a selection of my work for sale in three different options.

  • Original Work for Sale
  • Personalized Limited Edition Prints
  • Open Edition Prints and and printables on iPhone cases, stickers, pillows, totes and wearbable items

To see more information about  each see below.


Hand Embellishments -Examples
Hand Embellishments -Examples

Art connects people and their experience and grounds them in the heart. Through my limited edition prints I seek to highlight that relationship with meaningful acts of appreciation.

My personalizations include:

  • A personalized thank you note
  • A Story Card of the painting
  • Artful hand highlighting and embellishments, depending on the print, in iridescent or silver or gold watercolor.
  • A certificate of authentication personally signed and verified my me.

The intent is to create an individualized piece of art, a print of the original, but intended only for you.

I will only run 25 prints of a limited edition prints at the original artwork size, which will increase the overall value of this print over time to you.


Framed prints of your preferred size  as well as pillows, totes,  stickers and more available!  If you can imagine it is available at the following online storefronts.

Marika’s Red Bubble Store

Redbubble Store

at http://www.redbubble.com/people/marikareinke/shop

Garden by Marika ReinkeA Healed Body is a Fit Body: Overhead Squat by Marika Reinke


Marika’s Fine Art America store

Marika's Fine Art America Store magic tree duvet pillow picture


Items you purchase from Red Bubble or Fine Art America are not personalized and shipment and processing is handled by the third party.  Through this partnership I’m more easily able to offer a variety of products with my art on them.   The quality, service and presentation is awesome!


In the case of all sales, I maintain copyright and license of the image for future distribution unless otherwise agreed upon.

Questions? CONTACT ME

The best way to contact me directly is at [email protected]


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