Love a Life of Art


I am so happy you are here.

I love surprises and I hope you find some delightful surprises and a little bit of magic here. 

I strive to find potential in everyone, enable transformations, discover the big picture and remove barriers.   The creative process is most surprising when we engage it with an open heart.

As a people-loving introvert in love with variety and change, my approach is a blend of intuition and dedicated insight.  Color, adventure, movement, creative challenges, painting, mysteries and learning excite me.  They are full of unrealized potential and true heart-and-soul food.

Life is the greatest teacher and for this reason, I am a life-taught painter. Watercolor painting is my first love which I’ve practiced enough years to be considered a faithful lover. I also embrace acrylic painting with enthusiastic energy, vision and big-ness. I like to explore mediums and watch them dance with each other. Incredible abstract painting allows for free exploration and complex interpretation. It has my heart. 

I love magic, storytelling and connection.

Art is magic.  It is a boiling cauldron of potentiality and transformation. Could creativity be sorcery? Will this spell work?

Art is storytelling. These hands, heart and spirit sprinkled with a little bit of humor uncover an undoubtedly universal story.

Art is connection There is no art without people. We create to share, connect and honor our stories. They remind us we are not alone.

I love a life of art.  Yes, I do.

Thank you for visiting, please explore.




My background?  

I have a varied history in higher education where I taught graphic and desktop design, technology, business, sustainability and managed professional development for faculty. I’m a passionate and devoted mother and wife.   

I like to explore the world, but Seattle, Washington will always be home and in my heart.