013: Why don’t I feel like painting?

This question popped up on my Facebook feed:  “A few months ago, I started painting. I’ve noticed that since this coronavirus mess started, I haven’t felt like painting. It doesn’t seem like I have the heart or mood to do it. I’m wondering why that might be. I’m finding myself drawn to crafts like sewing. Any ideas or insights as to what might be going on?”

I love this question, it raises so many issues. What is the meaning of art? How is crafting different?  It punches at why art matters and what makes it essential these days. I  have lots to say in response. It revolves around big themes; fear, selfishness, guilt, utility, meaning, storytelling, companionship, healing. In this episode, I share them and seek to make a case for why creating and painting now is important for you and into your future.  Come take a listen and let me know what you think.