007.5: Why You Need to Have a Temper Tantrum

I recorded this episode about a month ago, before everything seemed to crumble.  But upon reflection, I think it is worth posting. I do feel like having a temper tantrum right now.  And it’s totally okay and even healthy to do it. When things are going to sh*t, a good scream can feel so good.   I even mention some fantastic resources in this episode that you may find even more relevant than ever.  And the things I mention about music?  Oh yes – that truly applies here too   Food for thought.

Sometimes I get so fed up with all this creating, I just need to have a temper tantrum.  Do you?  In the past, I felt a little guilty for my sucky attitude.  I tend to complain.  But with the help of some new perspectives and some great reading, I’ve learned to appreciate these moments as turning points in my creative process and my world.  I might actually be on the brink of a breakthrough if ONLY I just stick with the process.  What do you think?

The following references were mentioned in this episode:  Wishcraft: Barbara SherLoving What Is: Byron Katie / Invisible Warfare: Mona Miller