006.5 Living in Seattle, the Unknown and Mental Health

I am living in Seattle during an unprecedented time. It’s a new world; mandated work-from-home, 6 week school shut downs and online learning, social distancing and collective hand washing and disinfecting.  My main question: When will the increasing restrictions stop and we simply be left alone to deal with creating a new normal? I feel disconnected to the “enjoy the day” or “this too shall pass” messages right now and I feel disconnected from the paranoia and panic.  I was asked the other day, “What’s it like being in Seattle right now?” and I found myself overwhelmed, I could barely answer.  So I’m answering the question here.

This is what it’s like living in Seattle right now.  This is what I’m thinking.  And this is how I’m handling my mental health.

Mentioned in this podcast: 

Resources: Byron Katie, Loving What Is

Fantastic gym: The FUELHOUSE in Fremont

Awesome bakery: Byen Bakeri