Creative and Curious Cover

Are You Creative and Curious?

This may be the podcast for you!

I’ve been working on a stop-everything project and mega-experiment since November and I’m finally (so excited) ready to share it.

Creative and Curious is a podcast to help creatives-at-heart keep creating.

Here, we explore the nature of creativity, being human and how a creative practice can make us better humans and the world a better place.

I’m really excited about it. I’m also a little freaked out and … curious.

Three episodes are posted right now.

Can you listen to ONE or ALL of them?  I love to listen to podcasts when I walk the dog, as I drive, as I paint, or even clean the house.

  • 000: About Creative & Curious and Marika (about 3.5 minutes)
    Learn more about why I created this podcast, what you can expect from me and how listening can help you keep creating!
  • 001: Life Lessons of a Self-Taught Artist (about 30 minutes)
    In this episode I explore what inspired me to pick up the paint brush and teach myself how to paint, how and who inspired me to do it, the obstacles I encountered, as well as discuss the lessons, advantages and particular gifts of being a self-taught artist.
  • 002: 8 Examples to Prove You are Your Greatest Source of Inspiration (around 45 minutes)
    Do you think you need to look outside yourself for inspiration? Likely Not.   Here are 8 examples of how you can turn yourself into your greatest source of inspiration.  I discuss how everything from play, trauma, setbacks and transitions can feed your creative life.

AND any help you can give to promote Creative and Curious is appreciated! Please consider doing ONE or ALL of the following:

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  • Share your thoughts, critiques and comments with me! I’m 100% sure Creative and Curious isn’t perfect, and I’d love your feedback. I won’t take anything personally. I’m committed to improving and making this my best podcast.
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I’m so excited about Creative and Curious!  I can’t wait to hear what you think.