1. Lay down with the monsters

There are days when self-doubt and the inner critique are powerful forces.  Together they form an insidious monster that chatters endlessly.  Lacking any imagination they use only destructive cliches:

You aren’t good enough.

You will never.

You are only dreaming.

Everyone else is already doing that.

No one will pay any attention.

It’s an exhausting battle. The inner dialogue continues. You fight them with them with weaker and weaker counter-arguments:

Yes I will.

Yes, I can.

Maybe I will.

I think I can.

Maybe I can’t.

The monsters gain the upper hand and fight harder.

But it isn’t a battle.  Stop fighting. Quit trying to win.

Lay down and invite the monsters to an embrace. Love and comfort them like they are children just waking from a nightmare and afraid of the dark.

What happens then?


(C) Marika Reinke – Adventures in Art with Heart, Humor and Spirit.

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