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What’s in the Book?

Some people have asked me what’s in my new book *The Art Ritual, A Pursuit.*?  

It’s a little bit of everything over the last few years; a few poems, art, essays, fun and inspiration.  It’s a loose collection of what I’ve been up since leaving my tenure at Bellevue College, both in thought and in action. In short, it’s 48 pages of some of what I think is interesting, if not perfect, both visual and in writing. I think it will entertain you and maybe make you think.

I loved putting it together. It is common to feel as if I’m not moving anything or making progress much like treading water. Yet, as I put this book together, I followed the footsteps of my thoughts and personal growth for three years.  A lot has happened; a move to Costa Rica, a return, a son with dyslexia, motherhood, career shifts, serious injury and recovery, deaths and births, painting and writing.

It’s available for free as a digital download for the price of a confirmed e-mail address (you can unsubscribe anytime).  Or you can buy the printed, signed and dedicated, version from my shop.

Here are a few pages:

A Beautiful Mind: An essay and painting about dyslexia

Love is Not Mine: No Really it isn’t Mine.

Then Magically, Yes, Happens. A few poems and paintings about hope and transformation

Art Ritual Lessons: Some lessons learned from painting and pursuing a creative life.

Art Ritual Back Cover
Art Ritual Back Cover

Enjoy. The full PDF is available here.

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