Fertility Adieu

When I receive this text: “Do you have a painting for a hysterectomy?”

“Why, of course I do.”

And then I said goodbye to this sweet painting this morning. SOLD. I love that she has a new home and love everything this painting gave me.

Fertility by Marika Reinke

This is a place of gratitude and unpeeling place of wonder.

You devotedly received her everything; visceral love, familial strength, earthly creation and boundless, mysterious motherhood. They seed securely in your cosmos; timeless and ancestral.

This place has done her selfless duty and given until she needed to no longer.

This is a place of love and a place of beauty. A place for pocket-shrines and vistas in her name.

13” x 10” Watercolor

Fertility by Marika Reinke 2017

Fertility by Marika Reinke 2017

Fertility by Marika Reinke 2005 (c)

Fertility by Marika Reinke 2005 (c)Fertility by Marika Reinke 2005 (c)

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  1. Your work continues to inspire many and heal others!!! Such a gorgeous expression of the root of femininity and creation. Deeply grateful to you for your generosity of spirit, ever evident in your amazing art. Healer-Artist. You. Are.

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