Community Acrylic Painting in Progress by Marika Reinke 2017
Community Acrylic Painting in Progress by Marika Reinke 2017

The Speed of Paying Attention

Have you noticed when you truly pay attention time slows down? Time really is a giving and generous ally.

For example, when I paint for a set time period, time slows down.  The structured time forces me to focus, every moment is precious.  I dig in and move with the process. It kick starts flow and I  surprise myself. During these periods, if you ask me what time it is, I have no idea. If you ask me to speak, I can barely use words.  I’m in a worriless timeless state.  Time is helping me along, giving me as much as I need while I work, but only as I stay focused.

I’ve noticed this when I belay my husband as he climbs.  One time, I could tell my husband was going to fall.  He was grappling with the holds in a steep overhang, almost at the top with a long but very safe fall.  I braced myself knowing that if he fell, I could expect to pop up off the floor from the force of his counterweight. When he fell, I took a breath and… I waited. It was three seconds, but felt longer as I braced and then popped lightly into the air. I was astonished by time’s flexibility and give. Time gave me everything I needed to make sure he and I were safe.

As I work on my Artist’s Way class the phenomena continues. This course ultimately focuses us on paying attention to ourselves, our creative process, our blocks, reflections and actions.  Every week, when I think about how I’m going to check in with the group, I’m surprised. So much change and growth happens in a week during this astonishing class. I used to think weeks past by in a flash.  In reality, every week is long for all of us when we pay attention. But as I work on me, time slows and gives me space to process.

Consider this astonishing phenomena: The more you give to Time, the more she returns herself, plus some.

I’ve never given it a thought before.  Thank you, Time.