Daire's Dragon
Daire's Dragon

Daire’s Dragon in Progress

Daire's Dragon
Daire’s Dragon

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.  This drawing is my son’s most recent dragon.  A dragon that spits fire, water, rainbow, stars, snow, and anything else that comes to my boy’s mind.  I love the energy that went into his frenzied inspiration as he drew and told the story of this dragon.  I love the large lower jaw and teeth, the chicken legs and ultra-fancy wing. The composition of the body is a dragon meets T-Rex meets Tasmanian devil  without arms.  Fierce but friendly, a dragon that means well, powerful and ultimately scary but awe-inspiring.  As I watched this dragon unfold, and listened to Daire’s story, I knew I had to paint this one.


I’ll be updating this blog post as it unfolds and posting new updates on this Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/marikareinke/watercolors-in-progress/):

Daire's Dragon in Progress 1 by Marika Reinke
Daire’s Dragon in Progress 1 by Marika Reinke

Photo 2

Daire's Dragon Progress 2
Daire’s Dragon Progress 2

Been working on adding more basic decoration to all of the dragon, working in one green for the body with the intent to bring in other shades later for depth.  The wings are shades of pink, purple and cobalt blue and all shades within in but I’ll come back to them and bring more shading in as well.

Photo 3

Daire's Dragon Photo 3
Daire’s Dragon Photo 3

I’ve deepened the coloring in the body and wings and started coloring in his fire, water, stars breathing capability.  I haven’t decided if he is sitting on a cloud, a rainbow, the moon, a tree, a flower yet.  I just can’t seem to decide, maybe I will ask Daire himself.

More Progress

Further progress is highlighted in this blog post.  Scream. Cry. Hate. Love. Repeat


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