Epic Abstract Painting

Marika Reinke: Abstract Artist

Marika Reinke: Abstract Artist

I believe a Life of Art will change the world for good.

My mission is to craft a Life of Art in order to make a real difference through the pursuit of passion.

Let’s be clear, a Life of Art is not just about “living in the moment.” It doesn’t mean “artful living” either. I mean seriously, what do those clichés mean anyway?

A Life of Art is deliberately striving for a full and meaningful life through a creative process. Of course, creativity is key! Humans are creative beings, we can not help but be creative. I won’t accept otherwise.

Accepting and tending to our creative natures births joy, surprises, laughter, magic, self-love, compassion, generosity, deeper thinking and fuller relationships. It creates abundance.

See what I mean? It paves the way to change the world one person at a time.

Let me explain…

Abstract painting has taught me a lot. It has gifted me a collection of little wisdoms. I’ve stacked these colorful wisdoms, like a cairn marking my path. I love them. They ground my perspective and frame how I craft my art, life, business and relationships.

Here are some insights painting has taught me:

Believe in Magic.

Not everything can be explained away with our limited senses. Once I learned to believe in magic, I see it in the smallest act; the perfect brush stroke or a eye-popping shade of red. I see it in the realization of dreams and the way two people interact. It may be hard for you to believe in magic, but it is much more interesting to believe. It produces all sorts of synchronicity and beauty in life. Besides, it is fun. Why not believe?

Cultivate an Inner-Coach.

I have an inner critic that tells me I’m not good enough, I should quit, I need to stop and there are a lot of other things I could be better at than painting. This voice was especially loud when I first started painting and had NO IDEA what I was doing. To be clear, this voice isn’t evil. The more that I paint, the more that I realize, I also need this voice to help me be brutally critical about the direction, success and needs of an original painting. I can’t banish the voice for good but it does need a firm hand and counterpoint or my mental health suffers.

To counter the critic, I have learned to mentor an inner-coach who helps me navigate and deal with criticism. It helps me ride the waves of the creative process, which is a storm of emotion and activity. This coach is gentle, fosters growth, encourages me to keep trying and to understand that this is about process. I’m not done yet. It gently chants, “Just keep learning and painting and growing and it will be ok. You are on the right path”. It is a soft and trusting voice that whispers I’m capable in painting, business, relationships, and life.

Pay Attention and Inspiration Unfolds.

When I pay attention, stay present and accept abundance, inspiration reveals itself. It emerges from an epic abstract painting, an original song, a beautiful sunset, an awesome run on the beach or the majestic peaks of the mountains. I only have to open myself fearlessly to see the potential and beauty. Sometimes, I notice a crack in the sidewalk and think “Wow, that is the most beautiful little crevasse, I want to paint it!” The world is fascinating. Just look and trust and inspiration comes.

Trust Myself.

My intuition guides a painting from blah to wow. I can’t explain its presence with my critical brain, but I understand it with my body. It is a silent inner voice, squeezing on my heart to stop or opening the floodgates to keep moving forward. I do not know everything but when I trust myself, my intuition moves me in the right direction. So, I trust and listen carefully. Intuition is my voice and how I mark my work. It is exactly what makes a painting unique.

Creativity is a Learning Process.

There is no such thing as a creative person. There are only people that are open to learning about the creative process. The rest follows. I commit myself to learn the tools and techniques of my desire to create. I focus on the learning and creativity comes.

This was earth shattering to me! I don’t have to be perfect? How freeing! Of course perfection is impossible in a creative process! I only have to be curious about a brush stroke, shape, color or pigment. Curiosity cultivates small steps forward in the journey into creativity.

Let the Vision Emerge.

When I first started this journey into painting, I did not expect to emerge as an abstract artist. I found that as I followed what touched and moved me, I edged closer and closer until abstract painting embraced me fully. My first abstract painting was the first painting I framed and put on the wall. I loved it and it didn’t matter what others thought. I let the vision emerge from my creative process and now it offers me a full Life of Art.

As I step forward on this path of a Life of Art, I know I will collect more life lessons to further mark this path. They are in every little painting from acrylics to watercolor, from the small pendants to my large scale work. They all tell stories and little wisdoms. No matter the size, an epic abstract painting is always there to connect us, to learn from and remind us that when we follow our passion we can change the world.

Will you join me?

I love a Life of Art.