Storm: Original Watercolor with Art Resin Finish in Frame


Signed and dated, you can have this original intuitive painting all to yourself! Storm is delivered with a story (see below) and includes an stamped and signed Certificate of Authenticity. The original is finished with art resin and in a silver and black wood frame.

Artist: Marika Reinke

Title: Storm

Created: October 2015

Size: 18” x 24”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches, cold-pressed 140 lb 100% cotton watercolor paper

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There are incredible storms in Costa Rica, but none match the one I’ve tended to inside. A little over two months ago, I left Seattle to move to rural Costa Rica. And my identity was lifted in the air and then…what?
The storm and dissonance are my path now. I am being challenged powerfully, formatively, and uncomfortably.
Almost nightly, I watch lightning, matched by rainy sheets, occasional torrents and echoing thunder. And I breathe deep, bracing myself with who I am and want to be; an artist, a writer, a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, strong, starting over and learning to enjoy the stormy ride.