Seeing Through the Ego: Original Acrylic


Signed and dated,  you can have the original acrylic painting all to yourself! Seeing Through the Ego  is delivered with a poem and includes an embossed and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Artist:  Marika Reinke

Title: Seeing Through the Ego

Created: September 2016

Size:  36” x 54”

Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas


Seeing Through the Ego

by Marika Reinke

These are accurate distortions; a cloudy blood-fire universe, a sunset blaze on scarlet mountains, these algorithmic waves.

A question rises in undulations: Exactly right or a real mirage? Again, again, again.

Perception is completely personal. Therefor, merely just-right shadows and reflections are seen through the ego.

Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 54”