Renewal (SOLD)


Retreat is necessary. Perspective is instructive a few steps back.

Retreat is passive. Subtract actively from influence and identity to spark observation and reflection.

Retreat is slow marination of all the what ifs and did thats, the aspirations and it-will-never-happens.

Retreat is incubation . It embraces self and all its ugly beauty. Self-exploration breaks and re-makes the heart.

Retreat causes turbulence. Without engagement and connection, what is purpose?

Then, magically, “Yes” happens.

Retreat births renewal; a honored gift of transformed perspective and new presence. A light-year shift is newly-born Renewal.

Acrylic on Canvas 72” x 48” 2017

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Signed and dated,  you can have the original acrylic painting all to yourself! Renewal is delivered with a poem and includes an embossed and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Artist:  Marika Reinke

Title: Renewal

Created: September 2017

Size:  72″‘ x 48″

Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas