It took me a year to conceive my first daughter. The year of waiting was a tough test of my character. I tried to maintain my hope and composure but often it felt impossible, frustrating and painful. During that time, I developed a completely different relationship with my body, one in which my mind and body were at odds. Each month the baby didn’t come, my desire grew stronger as did the awareness that I was at the whim of forces much larger than myself. This is an expression of the simplicity of desire and ultimately a meditation to ease my mind.

Watercolor 10 x 14


Created:          2005

Size:                10 1/8” x 14 1/8”

Medium:         Watercolor on Archer, cold-pressed 140 lb 100% cotton watercolor paper

All Copyrights and Reproduction Rights are retained by artist, Marika Reinke.  This artwork may not be reproduced by any process without the expressed written permission of the artist.

Certificate #: MARCon2005-01