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Let’s talk about the nature of creativity, being human and how a creative practice can make us better humans.

002: Eight Examples to Prove You Are Your Greatest Source of Inspiration

Do you think you need to look outside yourself for inspiration? Likely Not.   Here are 8 examples of how you can turn yourself into your greatest source of inspiration.  I discuss how everything from play, trauma, setbacks and transitions can feed your creative life.

001: Life Lessons of a Self-Taught Artist

In this episode I explore what inspired me to pick up the paint brush and teach myself how to paint, how and who inspired me to do it, the obstacles I encountered, as well as discuss the lessons, advantages and particular gifts of being a self-taught artist.

000: About Creative & Curious and Marika

Learn more about why I created this podcast, what you can expect from me and how listening can help you keep creating!