Golden Light 2: Original Watercolor Painting Necklace


The Golden Light

The final light is golden as
the sun sighs into prayer-bow.
This still-time submission gift
is a quiet chance to convene,
honor memories slipped passed.

Our growth
Our life
All of our love

In the golden light

Watercolor 1 5/8” x 7/8”


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Signed and named on the back, delivered with a poem, Golden Light includes an embossed and signed Certificate or Authenticity, and a 18″ black satin cord.

Created: August 2017

Size:  1 7/8” x 7/8”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches, cold-pressed 140 lb 100% cotton watercolor paper


A luscious, punch-of-style, one-of-a-kind original watercolor painting necklace. It sparkles like a jewel because it is crafted with iridescent, gold, silver and vivid, luxurious pigments. They are durably sealed in glass to outlast heat and humidity but please don’t put them in the laundry! Ultimately, this is a meaningful gift that can seal friendship, memories, love and even honor and remind yourself that you deserve something special everyday.

What I love most about these jewels; they are Stories.  We are human and at heart, we are our Stories.


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