The Story of Body and Soul Painting


Marika Rock Climbing

Marika Rock Climbing

For as long as I’ve loved to make art, I’ve loved to move. I have played sports, salsa danced, competed in triathlons, been a long-time rock climber, practiced yoga, become a personal trainer and got serious about CrossFit and more.

MRI herniated disc prolapse

MRI herniated disc prolapse

The same year I decided to launch my art business, I wrecked my back. I slipped a disc and long story short; 2 trips to the Emergency Room, 6 doctors, 2 weeks immobile in bed, a steroid shot, mental determination, a genius physical therapist, months of patience and I’m back on my feet. The injury could have been catastrophic, but it wasn’t. Now, in many ways, I am stronger not just physically but mentally.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: Being physical is not about going harder, doing more and ignoring pain.  It is about perseverance, learning about your body and listening to yourself.

During my recovery, I learned to move well which nourished my spine and fed my soul. But I may not completely heal, and I need to be careful.  In particular, sitting too long and in awkward positions prompts the most sciatic discomfort.

Marika Painting (Not Good on the Back!)

Watercolor demands sitting because the paper needs to stay flat or risk bleeding in uncontrolled directions.  Engrossed and studiously bent over to paint, I unconsciously lock into un-ergonomic positions which trigger pain, sometimes to the point of regression; which scares me.

I have had to compromise or risk my recovery.  I opt for shorter painting sessions and disciplined myself to walk away.  I trained myself to paint quicker, which turned into a beautiful gift.

More gifts followed…

I was introduced to intuitive acrylic painting at Thrive Art Studio in Brasilito, Guanacaste.  There, I watched this amazing video by Flora Bowley, and a new world began. Two things I love, art and movement, are connected.  I can stretch, move, crouch, stand, even dance and paint as joyfully as ever, free from being fastened into unhealthy positions.

I learned more…

We can get preoccupied by techniques and outcome then forget that painting is a soulful kinesthetic process like dancing or yoga. The connection between the spirit, body and painting is essential. From our fingers to our feet, our bodies are tools for expression and painting is an important archival medium for that potential.

Let Go by Marika Reinke

Let Go by Marika Reinke


I created Body and Soul Painting to share that joy and connection with you.

It is a simple class for beginner painters and beyond.  I invite you to paint with me free from judgment in my supportive and welcoming home and studio.  Our movement is for long-time movers or people who want to move more.  I scale it to be as gentle or as intense as you want it to be.

In the workshop, we will:

  • Explore movement and its connection to painting.
  • Meditate find our inspiration and calm the inner critic.
  • Paint with new techniques and explore the freedom of forgiving acrylics.
  • Create a community of support.
  • After three hours, you will have unique painting that expresses your body and soul. And a body and soul that feels great.
My Jungle: Watercolor Painting by Marika Reinke 16' x 12"

My Jungle: Watercolor Painting by Marika Reinke 16′ x 12″

Body and Soul Painting launches April 19th, 2019 on Airbnb and I’d love for you to join me on this new adventure of movement and art. Please contact me directly if you are interested but would like a different time.

More Information: Body and Soul Painting

I hope to see you there.




Flower and Water (c) 2015

Flower and Water (c) 2015

Price: $29 includes all materials and light refreshments.

Location: Queen Anne, Seattle

When: Fridays at 11 am – 2 pm or Sundays at 2- 5 pm starting April 19th, 2019

What’s Included: All painting supplies, painting aprons, yoga mats and light refreshments.

Email: or sign up at Seattle Experiences

Weather permitting, this workshop will be held in my garden. If the weather is less than ideal, we will move the painting into my art studio.

Please Bring: Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in. I will provide aprons to protect your clothes but leave your best work-out outfits at home. Prepare to get a little messy.